Blogging on mobile experience is awful

Buttons overwhelm the view and stack on each other on mobile view. Maximizing editor helps a little, but still a mess. Just reporting it and adding screenshots. Not sure if I should file a bug here though…

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@dudenas, Have you tried searching for plugins using the term “edit”?

Thanks for the idea - I never thought of it :slight_smile:
But I don’t see anything that promises less buttons instead more, apart form frontend editing options.
Usually you need mobile editing is when you’re blogging while travelling. And for adding blog posts frontend editing is not really convenient: you have to create a post from backend, which immediately triggers empty RSS feed, and then go to edit it on the frontend. I don’t think this would be elegant solution or experience.

Btw, in Plugins list, link to the “premium” content editor is broken, so I can’t see what it is…

@dudenas, I haven’t got any experience with any of the frontend editors. Just hoped one of the plugins might suit your needs. Alas…

The Nextgen Content Editor seems to be pulled back due to license issues with CKSource.