[BETA] SocialMeta to generate OpenGraph/TwitterCards tags automatically


I just released SocialMeta as a way to generate og: and twitter: tags automatically, so that you don’t have to write information about your pages 3 times.

This plugin is just a template with what I believe to be sensible defaults, so that metadata specific to Twitter and Facebook

What is Open Graph / Twitter Cards?

They are semantic markup “standards” pushed respectively by Facebook and Twitter, so when people post a link to your website, they can get actual information from the page (such as the title, image) and not just a dull link.

Open Graph and Twitter Cards are just like microformats, except they’re not standard, and quasi-exclusively used by their respective promoter.

How to install / configure

The procedure is described in the project README. If you’re having trouble with anything, or if you think the README is not detailed enough, feel free to open [an issue](https://github.com/paulcmal/grav-plugin-socialmet a).

Is it stable / secure ?

I believe it to be stable, as it’s only a template with a little if here and there.

.Description is properly escaped in the tags so that page-generated HTML won’t mess around with browsers/parsers.

I found something that’s broken or can be improved!

Feel free to let me know if you need my help, or just open a pull-request otherwise :slight_smile:

Looks cool Paul! Do you want this to e part of GPM? Read this for how to get your plugin added

Also with Grav 1.1, you can also release a plugin with testing: true in the blueprint and prerelease checked in the GitHub release info to ensure it’s only available if you have testing mode enabled in Grav. This is new and not documented yet.


Any request or anything else you’d like me to add?

Hi Paul, thanks a lot for your plugin. It’s exactly what I needed.

It’s not working 100% for me (more like 98 :wink: ), would you want me to discuss here, or on Github? Even if you don’t want to discuss at all, great plugin.


How would this be added to the Deliver theme? This is exactly what I was looking for.