Best way to include a form in a non modular page?


I built a custom page (extends default one) with my custom fields. These files manage content in left/right columns of the page.

One of the field is a about a newsletter subscription. if contributor activates it and select a value in a list (there are several lists), then on front side, the apprioriate form is displayed.

For the moment, I started with static values to ease debug:

			{% if page.header.rc_newsletter %}
			<div class="cvsq-page-widget">
				{% set newsletter = page.find('/newsletter/animation-laser') %}
				{{ dump(newsletter) }}

				{% include 'forms/form.html.twig' with {'page': page.find('/newsletter/animation-laser')} %}
			{% endif %}

newsletter will indeed dump the correct page but the form remains empty.

As form.html.twig expects a form object, I tried with

{% include 'forms/form.html.twig' with {'form': page.find('/newsletter/animation-laser')} 

But it does not work either.

What do I miss?