Two forms, one is a modular form

Hi all,

i’m currently running into a problem with two forms.

My base.html.twig includes a footer like this:

{% include ‘/partials/footer.html.twig’ with {‘pages’: page.find(’/footer’)} %}

The /footer is a modular page that includes several other pages (links, infos etc.) AND it includes a form!

It looks like this:
/footer =>modular
/footer/_newsletter => modular/form
/footer/_links => modular/text

So every page includes the footer with my newsletter form.

BUT as soon as i open another page with a form on it, my footer form will be replaced with the form that comes first.

Any hint how to solve this? All forms actually work well besides this “doubel form” issue.

Help is greatly appreciate!



Can you create me a minimal zip of your user/ folder to replicate this problem and send it to