Best practice with custom theme and source control

Hi all,

I am trialling out Grav for some upcoming projects and I am a bit unsure of the best way to handle source control of the theme directories for custom themes that I don’t want to make public ( custom for this project only ).

I’ve got a new custom theme created in /user/themes/ which is working great. But the user/themes directory is .gitignored by grav when grav is installed via composer create-project.

I am assuming best practice is to separate out the theme into a separate git module and bring that in through the grav cli via dependencies? That’s a bit heavy weight for what I am trying to do, are there simpler options available?


Best practice in my opinion is to create a .dependencies file in your grav root/theme/skeleton like the one in landio skeleton and do a bin/grav new-project -s ~/www/grav as described in the Grav development chapter.