Custom repositories or git plugin?


Grav is a very nice CMS, so first thanks a lot.

Yet I didn’t find any perfect solution to a very basic issue. The main aim of Grav appears to be the creation of small custom websites, meaning that we will very often need to develop custom themes and plugins.

The problem I am facing is “what then?”. How I am supposed to easily update a custom theme?
As the theme is only intended to one particular website, it can’t be published in the official themes repository, but there doesn’t seem to be any alternative.

Of course it is possible to create a git repository for each custom theme and plugin, and configure some post-commit hooks. But that seems a bit complicated solution for such a basic and common need (also there are still some shared hosting that do not support git).

Is there any plugin or any plan for a future development of this kind of feature? It would be much more comfortable to be able to update custom private plugins and theme like the published ones: from the admin with Grav automatically checking the related (git) repositories.

PS: I know that there is a git plugin for the content.

Hi, the themes/plugins repository is for public packages.

There is no built-in support for updating private themes or plugins using Admin, at the moment.

Admin however has a direct install tool that allows to install/update a theme/plugin from a ZIP file, or via URL. Maybe this already solves the need for you?

An idea would be to write a plugin that “listens” on some URL with basic authentication, or even runs on a cron job / post commit hook, and calls the bin/gpm direct-install command line tool.

Thank you, I will begin by trying out the ZIP solution. It is already cleaner than a risky FTP upload.