Folders to .gitignore during version control

I have built a documentation website I’d like to access and sync (through a private git repo) with several local computers. Do you know what folders do I need to ignore in .gitignore to keep a “plug and play” setup? Do I need to uncomment the following folders?


Furthermore, do you know if it is safe to ignore node from the root .gitignore like this? Or should I rather add a .gitignore inside the /user/ folder so that I don’t accidentally remove important vendor folders?


It really depends what you want to store in GitHub. Theoretically you could store the entire Grav site that could be pulled and just ‘run’ wherever you pull. Or you may prefer to only store the user/ folder. That way you can install Grav independently everywhere and then just pull the user/ folder which should contain you theme, plugins, content, images, etc.

In short there’s really no one solution, it’s what ever you want to do :slight_smile: