How to show two or more collections of blog items on the same page?

Could you tell me how to print several collections of blog items on the same page?

For example, I might have a bloglist of “Mains” and another bloglist of “Puddings”.

What I would like is a “Menu” page with a “Mains” heading above its list of items (in columns as normal) followed by a “Puddings” heading above its list.

The Collections page in the GRAV documentation says how to iterate several collections.

What is not clear to me is how to call up the html.twig code to display each of the bloglists.

Is this easy to do?

Thank you

Ian Russell

See the Knowledge Base theme for one way to do it.

Hi Perlkonig

Thanks to “other things” I have only just had a good look at your Knowledge Base theme. Impressive clarity!

The answer to my question is in your twig. I’ll do that when the “other things” are out of the way.

Thank you very much.