Basic-captcha verification fails on modular page

i try to use the basic-captcha field with a form on a modular page with the bootstrap4-theme and grav v1.7.37.1:

        type: basic-captcha
        placeholder: copy the 6 characters
        label: Are you human?

sending email works as long as i dont use the verification with:

                message: Humanity verification failed, please try again...

It does not matter if i fill out the captcha or not.
there is no obvious error in the log-file or with clockwork (only Routed to page /error (type: error) [Not Found fallback])
Tried several things and searched the topics like this but it didn’t help so far

perhaps a hint: I tried the same before with recaptcha, with the same result an had to use a JS script that checked if the recaptcha was used (grecaptcha.getResponse() === ‘’) see

Any hint to solve this are highly appreciated

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