Background image

I’m no coder just a pragmatist that can use google . P

I got the blog skeleton and mostly like it. Something isn’t working, or I need a different skeleton.

I made added a testing page named playground into the pages folder found in user.
Then made a file named
I googled cats on the prowl to put a picture in it.
Basicly I’d like to be able to have a fulll screen background image of something like;


So basicly to make sure it works I did some googling and to see how html5 does it and that it might work.
Because I thought it’d be awsome to tweak the blog skeleton to have a adventuring theme, starting with a background image.

So I made a playground page that looks like this

------------------------------------------------------------->default. md
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- ---------Cats-on-the-prowl.jpg

I found a few ways to do this in HTML5 such as from:

Currently my playground only has a few lines in it:

title: playground


This is a page to test things that might cause breakage


However when I there it’s not working . And I’m stumped. I got the idea to at least putting a background line from
because grav uses some YANL. But don’t know anything about it.

Mainly your question is regarding HTML and CSS. I would first mock up what you are trying to do with your background image with pure HTML and CSS, when you have that working, then worry about getting Grav to produce that (not hard).

If your just beginning web development, the best advice I can give you is baby steps. Start small, get a simple solution working, then expand on that.

When you have your HTML/CSS the way you want it, I can certainly provide some tips on how to implement that with Grav. But it’s pretty hard when i’m not 100% clear on what you are trying to do.

Well then I shall attempt to be more clear then.
I want to have a way to ask grav to look to look at a picture and place it into the back ground., and make it full screen.
Going for the web equivalent of a desktop wall paper.

My goal is setting up a blog for myself. I just want a nice easy on the eyes background picture.

Maybe you should look at the Mediator skeleton package, it has a fullscreen image for each blog post: