Big Picture Skeleton is buggy / not up-to-date

i downloaded the big picture skeleton, but it appears to contain a deprcated version of grav.
It throws several errors associated with php7.4 and the switch from grav 1.6x to 1.7.

I therefor i installed the default grav admin download, and after that the big picture theme. Then i took the pages content from the skeleton download , to have the needed example pages - without you cannot use the big picture theme, because there’s no documentation within the theme, how to create pages like in the example.
That was quite a exciting task, but after all it worked.
But it would be much easier and less frustrating, if the offered download would be valid and /or the Big Picture theme would contain a documentation how to create those (animated) pages.

Best regards,

@kilowahn, Glad you’ve managed to get it working.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of Themes and Skeletons are old, outdated and abandoned… The Big Picture skeleton (last update 04/23/2019) comes with Grav 1.6.8

The theme itself has recently been updated though… I’ve asked the author to upgrade the skeleton too.

Hi and welcome to grav @kilowahn :slight_smile:

A good place to start is generally to get a look and feel of template is direct from the skeltons section, but with grav being open source, a lot of the templates are created by developers.

The skeleton generally will be a out of the box, install solution which includes demo pages.

The theme is basically for people to install a clean copy of grav and then add the theme manually, since grav is developing, it will show flaws in the template, but can be easier to identify and fix, and get you in to “the inner workings” of grav.

You can always set it up like this (grav + theme) and then copy the pages folder and copy it in to your “new” grav site with the activated theme and see the magic.

It is always worth a google with the phrase “[template name] grav github” as you will find info and find out if the developer is supporting their theme.

tranduyhung/grav-theme-big-picture: Big Picture theme is a port of Big Picture by HTML5 UP for Grav CMS (

This will take you to the developer, I noticed he has updated a blueprint a couple of months ago and people are answering questions.

Saying that in the readme it does state.

Big Picture theme is a port of Big Picture by HTML5 UP.

The original html5up looks like it has been updated on top of that.

So checking might also give you a bit of extra info but the documentation and upkeep will always be down to the developer and not grav. You can get good help with particular issue on the forum or in the chat room, the developers github and a bit of googling.

Always worth checking the templates\js folder, for the names of included animation source

In this case you have

poptrox - ajlkn/jquery.poptrox: A lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery (

scrollex - jQuery Plugin To Animate Content As User Scrolls - scrollex | Free jQuery Plugins (

scrolley - jQuery Scrolly Plugin Demo - All In One ( - ajlkn/skel: A lightweight responsive framework for the www ( but has stopped being devolped and the author has made a new more web compliant ajlkn/responsive-tools: Make responsive design less annoying (

pamtbaau beat me to it in his reply, whilst I was compiling this doc, but hopefully it will give you insights on how to get more out the template.

Developers also hate writing documentation lol .

Hello @kilowahn and welcome.
I had same problem with theme Mache, the skeleton was running Grav 1.4.5 and I had to update it to Grav 1.7.9 in phases, fortunately the documentation helped me step by step, this is what I used: Upgrading from Grav <1.6 | Grav Documentation