ÄÖÜ Problem Grav Blog


I made a Blog with grav in german and I have so. problems with äöü Letters.

If I write the content self into a page, I have no problems with those letters, but if I paste the text into it, I have the problems that the letters will not show correct.

And this problem is just in the prewview text. Did someone have an Idea?

What is the source application of the text you paste? In other words in what application do you a copy action (Ctrl-C or Cmd-C)?

Hallo, I work with a Mac and I copy the text from a website into the blog and the äöü don’t shows.

It could be that when you copy the text (maybe from Word?) you also copy the styles of that text (font-family/size/color/…) - this is a common issue also on the Wordpress front where the WYSIWYG editor strips now styles automatically (but you also have some button in the kitchen sink for manual action). I suggest to copy your text into Notepad or if you are working on Mac in to TextEdit - that will strip unwanted meta data - then copy from there into Grav page. If this doesn’t work - well - then it’s something else. However it seems the issue is related to the fact that through copying a different font-family is loaded which does not support the german characters.