Antimatter logo instead of text - Dropdown menu issue


I’m currently using a custom logo instead of the text. I’ve achieved this by replacing this line in base.html.twig:

<h3><a href="{{ base_url == '' ? '/' : base_url }}">{{ }}</a></h3>


 <a href="{{ base_url == '' ? '/' : base_url }}"><img src="user/themes/antimatter/images/logonew.png" /></a></h3>

It’s working fine for all pages except my dropdown pages. When using child navigation, the image does not appear. I’ve fudged this by created the directory it thinks it should be in. e.g.

services\user\themes\antimatter\images\logonew.png However, this then break the top level link for services.

Is there a better way to change the logo for all pages?


Try with:

<a href="{{ base_url == '' ? '/' : base_url }}"><img src="{{ url('theme://images/logonew.png') }}" /></a></h3>

Thanks, that sorted it :smiley: