Add logo image

i’m adding a logo image here:


In base/html.twig adding this:
— html

In the settings activate *nl* and *en* languages for translate the variables. The theme is *Animatter*

The problem is that the logo doesn't load. If i looking in the code there is adding automattically *nl*:
--- html
<img src="/nl/user/images/logo-reisgierig.png">

Where can i putting best the logo? Is it better in themes dir? How can i solve this that the logo shows without problem?

This is the website:

PS: This is not a multilanguage website. It is for one language nl

base_url contains the language on multilanguage sites.

Try <img src="{{ url('page://images/favicon.png') }}"> instead.

Hi flaviocopes,

<img src="{{ url('page://images/favicon.png') }}">

doens’t work.

But i placed the logo.png in …/themes/animatter/images/logo.png

After that adding this code:

<img src="{{ url('theme://images/logo.png') }}">

That works!

What about making that logo responsive When scrolling the page and also fitting to the general size of the navbar?

That would be good. Do you have a solution howto do that?

Late to the party but the following should work when putting images in user/images

<a href="{{ url }}/user/images/logo.png"><img src="{{ url('theme://images/logo.png') }}"></a>

I just figured out I was still pointing the last example towards the theme/images folder and not the user/images folder. The following should now work.

One issue though, how dow you hide user in the url so it just shows and not

		<a href="{{ url('user://images/tom.png') }}"><img src="{{ url('user://images/tom.png') }}"></a> <br>

		<!-- The following line displays images when placed in the folder user/images -->
		<a href="{{ url }}/user/images/tom.png"><img src="{{ url('user://images/tom.png') }}"></a> <br>