All blogposts in one directory?


I started to user Grav a few days ago and i seems great! But i have a question about blogposts. I’m looking to store notes from my meetings on a Grav-powered site. But I would like to be able to put all the notes in one directory instead of on directory per note. Is this possible in (in this och a feature release)?

Current page loader doesn’t allow this as it assumes that you only have one .md file in each directory. But as the same issue also bugs me a bit, I will likely add support for custom loaders at some point. Currently it’s all controlled from Grav\Common\Page\Pages::buildPages(), though there’s some hardcoded logic also in Page class.

do you think we should open an issue to track and resolve this?

Sure an issue in the GitHub tracker will ensure we don’t forget about this idea :slight_smile: