Advanced front end user profiling

I am creating a site that front end users can logged into and then complete tasks and then get badges on their profile page. What grav be suited to such a site?

The Grav Login Plugin looks good for facebook signup, but is there a system for setting user profile variables?

I guess it depends on what triggers those badges. You need to track data and perform calculations to generate those badge achievements. What are those calculations and how are you going to store and track that data?

The user will get points towards each badge by checking an item ofF a to do list. So I guess I only need to store one user variable called points and show the correct badge based on its value.

This will still require a custom plugin to track a valid action and associate that with the user account. This can definitely be done, but you will have to have a custom plugin that can take a valid action and store some information on the user account. Alternatively you could store this data separate from the user data itself, but in a standalone data file that contains the usernames and points associated.

I’m not sure if this is enough for you to get started, perhaps hopping on Slack and asking there is more appropriate.