Profile page variables

I made a login based profile pages in my site. The users which register can collect (add) the website content data in their profile pages. In this case I don’t know how to do it :). Is there any documentation or suggestions with that? how can I manage the “grav.user” data or any of the variables and write them into yaml user data. thanks

The user adds this data when registering, or once logged in there’s a form to do that?

Which kind of data does a user enter?

this website i like to add the recipes which users like to add their profile page :wink:

@favio any sugesstions?

You need

  1. create a form that will only be shown to logged in users (using the Login Plugin)

  2. upon form submission, store this data in the user/data/recipes/ folder, one YAML file for each user. You can see how the Comments plugin achieves this same operation using the onFormProcessed event in

The only difference is that Comments has one YAML file for each page, but you’d rather have one per each user

  1. in your plugin, expose a “recipes” variable using Twig. Example of how Comments does:

thanks a lot @flavio :vulcan_salute: