Admin won't let me add a page

I like the look of the admin panel a lot and I was waiting for this before ploughing on too much further with Grav. Now that it’s here, it’s time to get cracking.

Okay, I have a fresh install of the latest Grav. I manually loaded the four plugins for Admin and got admin running.

I then tried to add a page using the ‘Add Page’ button and all I got was a pop-up window with a ‘X’ button (top right of pop-up) and a ‘Continue’ (bottom right of pop-up). I hit Continue and it just took me to the home page but with no new page added.

Any ideas why this button may not be doing as intended?

Many thanks,


Big update for the admin coming on Monday. It addresses many things and this issue your seeing might be one of them. Maybe wait till then?

Do you use an older version of IE? Got similar problems with this. Firefox is working fine.

True Firefox/Chrome are the main browsers tested at this point.

Monday will be fine. Your work rate on this is fantastic. Many thanks.