Admin plugin: parent page empty in expert mode

I have a strange problem in admin page editor, only in expert mode: in the third level pages the parent page option in “Advanced” tab is empty!

Below page structure:

/chi-siamo -> default
/chi-siamo/staff -> modular
/chi-siamo/staff/_documenti -> modular/soci

In the last (/chi-siamo/staff/_documenti) I have the problem.

Have you no idea why?

Are you using Grav 1.1 (RC), or Grav 1.0.10 (stable)? If the latter, can you check if the problem happens on a 1.1 site too? You just need to copy the user folder from one site to the other, to recreate the original one.

I was using Grav 1.0.10. In Grav 1.1 I don’t have this problem.

OK good to know, so this was an issue solved at some point. We have so many things solved in 1.1, hopefully a release is out soon.