Admin Plugin: One of the required plugins is missing or not enabled

After a manual installation of the Admin plugin and the three other plugins I receive the error message: “One of the required plugins is missing or not enabled”. Is there an additional configuration of plugins necessary?

Have you also installed the 3 required plugins forms, email and login? Everything you need is here.

Hello @Edi,

yesterday I experienced the same problems with the latest dev release (at least above this commit ). If you have installed all the other three plugins mentioned by @budy and the problem persists, it is indeed an issue for the admin tracker. This is especially the case, when the following fix will help you. Add

  enabled: true

to your admin.yaml file (maybe already in your user/configs/plugins folder.

As far as I figured out, something in the Grav core (with admin enabled) overrides the login configuration, unless you include at least the above lines in the admin.yaml configuration. Maybe I’m wrong, but yesterday I considered it as a glitch, since I was changing code along the lines in other plugins and core, too…

This glitch is already fixed in the develop branch. I’ll probably do a release shortly to ensure this is out in the wild.

It works. Thank you!

Enjoy grav :wink: