Admin plugin no longer running?

Why can’t we use the admin plugin with the build in PHP Webserver anymore. We’ve even developed our own windows tools relying completely on the internal PHP Server.

Spent the last hours replacing the PHP -S Server with a apache and nginx. So success so far. Our special GRAV environment does not work anymore. I’m so bloody pissed right now.

The admin plugin, and other plugins too, never worked 100% with the PHP built-in webserver, because of its limitations.

Since we never fully declared it incompatible, we had many bug reports that were just related to it, so we decided to raise an error when Admin run on it on version 1.0, because it’s better to just declare it not compatible than having people struggle to get things working when they really can’t.

Could you please let us have a simple config switch somewhere to disable the warning. We also had those problems, but we had them all sorted out and were finally using the admin panel without critical flaws.

There is no switch. It’s hardcoded in the admin to raise an error if you try to use it with the built in webserver.

There has been a note in the docs since the start stating that the admin as well as many other plugins that use url-based params is not compatible with the built-in webserver. It causes many many issues. Obviously people were not reading the docs, so we were forced to make it more obvious by throwing an error.

Well first thing I read was: it even runs with the built in php webserver

Well Grav core does run fine with it.

However, like I said, plugins such as the admin have problems. That wasn’t a huge deal at the beginning, but most people don’t differentiate between Grav core and all the plugins, they just see their site not working. So for the sake of everyones sanity, it’s simpler just to say the whole thing doesn’t work with it.