Admin panel is so slow because of OpenSSL extension

Hi all,
I now try to use Grav as a documentation site.
In php.ini file when I enable openssl extension admin panel was slow.
When I disable, it work fine .
But in disable mode, when I delete page from admin panel my admin panel and documentation site give an error like “opensll required but not installed”.
I don’t know what to do.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

Hi @ckonca. How much memory do you have available on the machine you’re using to run openssl? Have you tried running to check for issues?

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Hi @jhabdas,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes I have problems plugin. I commented out openssl line then restart the app it work fine.
No problems in problems plugin window. But admin panel so slow.
And I commented openssl line again and restart the app again. No problems in problems plugin window. And admin panel is so fast. After that i can update contents, it works fine and quickly. When i delete a page, or create a new folder or page an error has occured in problem windows. Then i commented out openssl line then restart the app. this is such as a loop :slight_smile:
Is openssl is required actually. Or if i configure something wrongly.
In addition, I have 16 GB RAM.

Best Regards.

16GB is a colossal amount of RAM and suitable for running several instances of Kubernetes. The question is, how much of it is allocated to your PHP environment or OpenSSL?

If things go slow try to focus on the bottle neck. You can use top command (or apt get htop then htop) to get details about which processes are consuming memory and processor. If your problem is in the network due to connection speed that’s another story.

Hi @jhabdas

I have set up Grav on Windows machine, and host on local iis with URL Retrive Module.
There is no clear document that explain how configure it on windows-iis.
Do i have to first install openssl, and then generate a ssl certificate.
There is no network problem due to connection speed.
Thank you.