Admin page slow problem

Hi, I’m using Grav for a personal blog website which is hosted in a server from China. The website runs smoothly, but the admin pages are very slow to load, for each page under admin it needs almost 30 seconds to load. I think it’s because the website server itself can not connect to some service like Github(I’ve already disabled google font under admin plugin)? Since I tried to copy the whole website and upload to another server like bluehost, then the admin pages run without speed problem.

Did you try to disable the update function?

However, sites hosted in China are running thru the Great Chinese Firewall’s filter system, which causes many slow-downs or even blocked traffic.

Hi Harald,

Thanks for the reply!

Yes that was what I guessed, so I’m wondering is there any traffic switch in admin plugin (or system.yaml) I can turn off to bypass this process then make the page load faster?