Admin panel is changing markdown code

Hi All,

I have this website and have tried adding this page in the admin panel (all previous pages were done manually)

Here’s the code from a previous page that I’m using as a template

    - icon: building
      title: Commercial Building Maintenance
      desc: "Looking for an experienced handyman to fix, maintain and replace items in your commercial building? Call us today."
    - icon: wrench
      title: Handyman Services
      desc: "You know how there's those jobs around the house that you are eventually going to get around to? We can help with that."
    - icon: cogs
      title: Mechanical Maintenance
      desc: "If it moves, rotates, runs or turns on there's a pretty good chance we know how to either fix it or make it run better."
    - icon: star
      title: Painting Services
      desc: "Got a spot that needs a new coat of paint? We will get the job done.  Call us today."

but when I hit the save button it changes my code to this and it’s not displaying properly

    - { icon: home, title: 'Carpet Cleaning', desc: 'Cleaning carpets so they are spic and span is what we do. Bond cleans, general cleans, end of lease carpet cleans, you name it we can do it' }
    - { icon: square, title: 'Tile Cleaning', desc: 'If you have tiles in your home or business you know how quickly grime and grot can build up. Have them professionally cleaned today' }
    - { icon: rss, title: 'Concrete Cleaning', desc: 'We have a range of options to clean your concrete or cement patios, driveways and paths. High pressure cleaning and gurney services available' }
    - { icon: trohpy, title: 'A Plus Service', desc: 'Our promise to you is to we wil work hard and do great work for an honest dollar. You cant ask for much more than that' }

So it’s adding all the code to single lines, adding ‘’ around certain elements and also adding commas.

Is there a setting or something I’m missing here…I can’t seem to figure this one out?

The admin certainly will change the YAML portion of the code. This is because the YAML is processed by the admin and converted into an multi-dimensional array so it can be iterated over and displayed in a form.

Then when you save it, it is processed again and turned back into plain YAML. Because of this, the data gets changed although they are programmatically identical.

Ok I understand. - so does that mean I have an error in my code somewhere as the admin panel created page isn’t displaying the services data like previous manually created pages or is it possibly a template issue?

Everything else seems to be the same…the only thing that I can narrow down the page not displaying correctly is the change of format from the admin panel?

It could be a bug in the admin, or it could be a bug in the data.

Please create an issue on the Admin plugin issues:

please provide as much detail as possible including copies of your .md pages with header YAML.

Ok will do. Thanks rhukster.