Hide HTML in Admin Panel

One of my pages has a section of text which I would like to split, visually, so that the top half has one background colour and the bottom half has another. Ideally I would like to have the bottom part wrapped in a <section> tag with a custom class, to control the background and text colour. I can do this easily enough amending the page directly, but when I’ve hit two problems:

  1. No markdown is converted within the <section> tag (e.g. the text **wrapped** would appear with both asterisks showing, rather being placed within <strong> tags).

  2. When viewing/editing the page in the Admin Panel all HTML within the <section> tags, including them, is visible to the user.

Is this just a restriction of the system or can I get around it somehow? I’m aware that I could split the text on the page into two modules and make the page a modular layout, but that feels like a lot of overkill just for a different background colour. I’m pretty new to Grav so I may be missing something very obvious!