Admin: editable dropdowns/selects?

Hi guys. I would like to ask about a functionality, which would be very handful in my case and it would save a lot of time.
Is there a possibility to define some set of values in admin for some page and then use it in another place as dropdown or select? As an example here’s the screenshot:


But on provided screenshot these items are hardcoded in blueprint. What I need is to make some list of them, for example in another tab, and then they will appear in a place where needed, so I can assign it.

Hopefully I’m clear. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

I have the same desire. IN my case it is more like this:
I have a custom tab in the config called “Brand” with global brand settings, for example brand colors, then in different pages/sections I need to be able to choose from a list of those brand colors, so being able to list the values set from one config file as options in a select field on another page would be ideal. Something like:

type: select
label: Section Brand Color
default: primary
  'config.brand.primaryColor': Primary
  'config.brand.secondaryColor': Secondary
  'config.brand.tertiaryColor': Tertiary

Being able to display the actual color value in the select would be even more rad, but one thing at a time I guess!
@fandorin — sorry for piggybacking here, I just figured it’s the same request, but if you feel I should create a new post instead let me know and I’ll delete this and start a new thread.

@mattsoria no worries mate, it seems like your request is pretty the same.

You are going to need some javascript running to hook up multiple fields in multiple tabs. This is because the clicking a tab is not reloading the page, it’s simply toggling visibility. So for fields to be aware of each other, javascript is going to be needed to keep those in sync as the user edits them.

That said, please make feature requests of this type here:

Ah, I see.
In my example case though, pulling a value stored in a config tab to use in a page field, the value is stored and the page is reloaded — is it as simple as using something like:


in a field?

update - realized that you can call values from a config panel into a page field, as explained in the docs here:
So for my example:

config-*@: brand.primaryColor

where * is whatever field you want to use.