Adding embedded form like wufoo

Hi guys. I’m currently setting up a site on the deliver skeleton and would like to replace the simple_form with an embedded form like Wufoo. (Simple form isn’t that simple… Or perhaps I’m slow on the uptake :slight_smile:

Would that mean changing template files to incorporate this etc or is there an easier way to go about this?

Hey Peter,
There are few ways to do that. I think the most easiest one will be modifying corresponding twig file. To do that. open deliver/templates/modular/contact.html.twig and replace

{% if config.plugins.simple_form.enabled %}
   {% set simple_form_config = page.header.simple_form ?: config.themes.deliver.simple_form %}
    {{ simple_form(simple_form_config) }}
{% endif %}

with your Wufoo code. After. Save file and you’re done. Good luck :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thanks. Would never have gotten that. Me thinks I might need to read up a little more about twig templating.

Love your work Karol.