Add separator div tag after each 2 column inside custom loop

we just try to add a separator after each 2column inside loop we when we write code like below we getting error

{% set i=2 %}
{% for ps in taxonomy.findTaxonomy({‘Post Type’:[page.title]}) %}
statement ------------
{% if(i%2==0)%}

{% endif%}
{% i++ %}
		{% endfor %}

anyone can help me how we set


Why not just add the seperator via CSS? You can use nth-child selector without any extra HTML.

no i just want to be from it any idea??
how we set

can you please give me soluation how we set

Have a look at the loop variable if you would prefer to add something via Twig/HTML:

if we want to be write some thing like above any idea how to set it
when we set i++ it giving error

Now i got the solution here we can set

{% set i = 1 %}
{% for ps in taxonomy.findTaxonomy({‘Post Type’:‘blog’})|slice(0, 10) %}


{% if(i%2==0)%}
for separtor
{% endif%} {% set i = i + 1 %} {% endfor %}

we can used something like above