Add / remove file by frontend form


I’ve modified user form (frontend) user_profile to add file field upload. Everything is working great. File is saved in folder. But I can’t delete that added file by user_profile form. Am I doing something wrong or form plugin can’t do that?

GetGrav # v1.7.24
form plugin # v5.1.3
login pugin # v3.6.0


  type: file
  label: A Label
  multiple: false
  destination: 'page@:/test'
  random_name: false
  avoid_overwriting: true
  limit: 10
    - image/*


- custom_file


name: myfile.jpg’
type: image/jpeg
size: 33461
path: ‘user/pages/test/myfile.jpg’


Please note:

  • Don’t ever change file below /user/plugins/* or /user/themes/*. Any changes made to plugin/theme files will be removed after an update of plugin/theme.
  • According the docs:

    The file field is intended to be used by configuration , theme , and plugins blueprints, NOT page blueprints . For pages, you should use the existing pagemedia field and then utilize the filepicker field to select the files.

AFAIK (and Grav has more secrets I don’t know off), the forms plugin does not provide an option to delete uploaded files.

Possible solution:

  • Create a plugin that handles event onFormProcessed. You will then have the ability to add your own logic.

I would like to let users add their own file only to read/delete by the owner of this file (that user). Destination of saving file is not important.
Do I have to write my plugin or is any GetGrav plugin? What is best solution to do it?

@tomasz_s1, You will have to write you’re own custom plugin to handle the onFormProcessed event. Unless you can find one on the plugin repository that suits your needs (but I doubt you will).