Quark: Multiple Content Items on One Page

Hey Comm,

actually i’m playing around with the Quark OnePager Skeleton.

So there are multiple Modular Pages and within the Root Home Site, there are @self.modular content items included, so they will be displayed.

I want to include my blog template file, which includes @self.children and set to display maximum 3 - so i can show the latest 3 blog entries.

I already tried to:

        - '@self.modular'
        - '@self.blog'

But thats not working as i thought. So it would first import all modular pages and then all blog pages - but it does not import the blog pages, which includes:

    items: '@self.children'

Can someone help?

So i changed the:

    items: '@self.modular'


    items: '@self.all'

And it worked to include the Blog Page as i wanted within the OnePager. But The Blog Page, does not work as it should.

I followed this documentation:

So i included within the blog page:

        - '@self.children'
    limit: 3
        by: date
        dir: desc
    pagination: false
    url_taxonomy_filters: false

Then i created a new Page with Type “Item”, gave it a title and some lorem ipsum text, but it wont get shown on the OnePage. When i call the “Blog Page” with a URL, its correctly shown - but not within the OnePage.

Would be nice to get some help.