Admin page permissions

I would like to create a user/group and assign a permission so that it can log in to the admin and only have maintenance and page permissions - easily done

But i would like to only let them edit certain pages, can this be done

userA is granted permission to edit PageA only
GroupA is granted permission to edit FrenchPages
GroupB is granted permission to edit SpanishPages

a similar question has been asked here ACL and Groups Question

Have you checked out this link? :slight_smile:

Hope it helps, good luck


after using this plugins and grav-plugin-users-page-owner , it does not work (neither on groups nor on users) it displays a "pageuse " ( not pager) and “pageuse facke” in the yaml file but it does not change my rights ( permissions) :frowning: :sleepy:
Do you know the difference between : Allowed Page Types and AllowedPageTypesReal :pray: