About rtfm-skeleton: docs not seen under chapter

hi, i install rtfm-skeleton with admin plugin. i add new chapter and add sub docs under chapter but i can not see docs under chapter title. there is something missing.

Make sure the chapter is either visible or better yet enable the folder numeric prefix (both in advanced options) so that the folder is named 03.folder for example. This will help you set the order in the navigation but also by default will ensure it is visible in the menu.

i want to ask another question about “edit this page” right above side link. when i click link it get me to github but i want to edit page with this link. could it possible?

The link is editing the page on github, which it is assumed is where your source files are contained. That is what makes the RTFM skeleton, and documentation built with Grav so powerful. It uses github as your document management/contribution/approval system.

It is possible to build such a thing in Grav as a plugin, but this is a pretty huge job! Fancy rebuilding github? :slight_smile: