About populating metadata (Open Graph)

A little question: could it be possible to consider a way to simplify populating metadata (mainly for Open Graph protocol) without having to settle redundant entries in the frontmatter of the md file?

For example :

  • og:title could simply use the title variable
  • og:url could use something like {{ base_url}} + slug variable
  • og:image could use something like {{ base_url}} + image or cover variable

Or did I miss something on OpenGraph Metatag examples page?


I made a plugin that has exactly the feature you mentioned: it will use page data by default and will let you override a field with + gui instead of expert mode. here is the link: https://github.com/paulmassen/grav-plugin-seo

At the first look (and after a quick testing), your extension seems to effectively answer to the question I asked. I have to dig a little more to configure all properly now. Thanks for your answer.