A Quark based multilingual site

This project consists of 53 pages in 3 languages, in total 159 pages:


All data has been moved from a 15 year old, static, non-responsive site to Grav, which was a breeze, compared to other systems.

The layout is based on the Quark theme with the following highlights:

  • Fully responsive across all devices.
  • A slider with ultrasharp SVG graphics.
  • Full-width header images.
  • Responsive, multi column layout on most pages.
  • Integrated language switcher.
  • Integrated TNT Search.
  • The user can edit some of the pages directly in the frontend.

– Harald

@hschneider, Congrats, looks like a successful conversion.

The ‘slider with ultrasharp SVG graphics’, is that the slider on the homepage? Aren’t the images just raster images embedded inside a svg? The size of one of the images is 580 KB… By using embedded inline images, you loose the option of downloading different sized images for mobile. So what is the benefit of the svg images?

Areas of improvement:

  • The header images may benefit from a ‘srcset’, to save download time and costs on mobile.
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Yes, the slider on the homepage. The images are SVG embedded. The sharpness is more an issue with the scalable font beside the image. Thanks for the hint with the srcset!