404 with Caddy server

I have a 404 error when attempting to use the admin pages. I am using Caddy web server(https://caddyserver.com/docs) and the site itself showed up just fine until I installed the admin panel. I added a rewrite directive, but still no go. Please help!

Where do you guys find these webservers :slight_smile: Never heard of that one.

Basically the rewrite Grav needs is the same as WordPress or Joomla. So if you can find a rewrite configuration for that, it should work fine for Grav also.

ok installed it and got it working with this config:

fastcgi / {
    ext   .php
    split .php
    index index.php
rewrite {
    regexp .*
    ext    /
    to     /index.php?_url={uri}

Of course you have to have php-fpm installed and running on port 9000 to work.