1&1 share hosting

Hey guys,
I’ve tried and read a lot here and in the documentation to fix my hosting problems, but it’s been days and is still not working properly. I keep getting 404 errors to my pages, I don’t really understand why. Due to the writable log issue with 1&1 on shared servers, I put the whole thing in a /grav folder instead than at the root, and made a redirection to it (I guess it’s not the good method).
Then I did get 500 internal server errors, that I fixed with the RewriteBase method. But now it keeps throwing 404 errors.
Any chance to get a step-by-step guide for 1&1 soon ? I think it would help not just me but some other people also.

I would need a sample account. I’ll try contacting them and asking them if they will create one for me.

OMG they have zero ways to contact them via email. You basically have to be a customer to even use their support options. Is there a particular reason why you are using them? They are a bulk-hosting provider with very little going for them aside from price, and you know what they say, you get what you pay for…

The particular reason is I never used any CMS before, and their basic hosting offer was enough for my use. Now I can see that they are not the best ahah. That was not the question anyway !

I guess I also did some setup things wrong, I’ll keep you informed if I figure out what exactly.

Ok not sure how or why it’s working now, but it seems to be ok.
The only thing I did was to modify the .htaccess file. So now there is one at the root with the RewriteBase /gravand one in the /grav/ folder with RewriteBase /. Both have the RewriteRulething modified also.

Not sure if it’s helping but works for me.