Wrong form configuration?

Hi all!
It looks like I have a lot of trouble in configuring correctly the contact form.
with the following configuration in front matter:

      mail: '{{ config.plugins.email.from }}'
      mail: '{{ form.value.email }}'
      name: '{{ form.value.name|e }}'
   reply_to: '{{ form.value.email }}'
   subject: '[Contact] New message from {{ form.value.name|e }}'
   body: '{% include ''forms/data.html.twig'' %}'

the mail sent is not received in the correct email post box.
let us say that this box is info@mywebsite.com and the sender mail is sender@gmail.com,
the form submitted is received at sender@gmail.com, but not in the info@mywebsite.com
In the email plugin, the “to” and “from” email are configured as info@mywebsite.com
Where is the error?

Ok! just found the problem: the value

   mail: '{{ form.value.email }}'

was overriding the default config plugin to

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