Overriding email to in contact form not working


I’m relatively new to Grav and I’m trying to use multiple contact forms on my new site.
So far everything works fine: the forms are displayed correctly and emails are sent.

What I’m trying to achieve is that every contact form is sending mails to different mail-addresses. So I’m overriding the “to-address” in the process part of my form but this doesn’t work. The mails are always sent to the “to-address” from the email-plugin.

Am I missing something?

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@thorsten, According the section Emails sent with Forms in the docs of the email plugin, several properties of an email can be overridden. The to-address you mention is not one of them, but to is…

From the docs:

title: Custom form

  name: custom_form

    # Any fields you'd like to add to the form:
    # Their values may be referenced in email actions via '{{ form.value.FIELDNAME|e }}'

      subject: "[Custom form] {{ form.value.name|e }}"
      body: "{% include 'forms/data.txt.twig' %}"
      from: sender@example.com
      from_name: 'Custom sender name'
      to: recipient@example.com
      to_name: 'Custom recipient name'
      content_type: 'text/plain'
      process_markdown: true

To test, I copied the form definition from the Example Contact Form and tried the field to with different addresses. The emails did arrive at the correct mailboxes.

I tried this example too. But it doesn’t work.
Mails are always sent to the default address from the default-configuration.

Can this be a theming-problem?

@thorsten, Easy to find out… Use a fresh install of Grav 1.6.23 + Quark and see what happens…

In my fresh install + Quark the contact form works fine.

So finally I discovered my mistake.
Here is my “lesson learned” if somebody else is having this problem:

After doing a fresh local install the contact form worked fine for me too. So I used this form in my original website but it stopped working again.
I started to change the original form.md file and realized that my changes didn’t have any effect. Maybe it was a caching problem? So I deactivated caching but still the same.

So I started to modify my form.md file piece by piece … still no effect. Until I finally changed the name/id of my contact and then everything worked fine.

Solution: if you have several contact forms on your site be sure to give any form an unique name/id. :grinning:

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