Why is Deliver theme so popular?

It seems a lot of people are using the Deliver theme. I’m just curious what you guys like about it so much?

If I can work out what aspects of it you like, I will know what elements to look for in new themes we develop/port.


Not sure if creator opinion matters but:

  1. It’s complex - various layouts/templates presented in one template
  2. Slider - with customizable cool effects
  3. Many plugins supported out of the box…

In my opinion it’s just more like a premium template.

For me it had the perfect layout for a business website. Slider in the showcase…sections within the content that allow for easy business info.

Services page is awesome and the about page is great in terms of layout. Not much needed to be changed.

Layout is clean, neat and its visually impressive right out the box with its use of fonts, icons and images.

Hmmm…what else…I was able to throw together a site in a matter of hours that my client was insainly happy with. Can’t ask for much more than that!

It’s the closest thing to a RocketTheme style website (premiuim look and feel, complexity). A lot of the other templates cater for blog’s and the one page templates are very niche… When you are migtrating from Joomla/Wordpress or another CMS like that the Deliver theme is pretty much the only theme that comes close to layout for complex sites.

Looking through the Skeleton templates you can see that Deliver looks premium compared to most templates, the only ones that match the premium look are the one page templates but then a one page template site wont cater for people who dont want a template like that due to having a lot more content.

When looking at RocketTheme templates over the years with more themes added theirs probably a template to cater for many different categorys. Grav can cater for OnePage/Blog Styles and like Photography or showcasing style websites but no template looks like it can do a magazine style layout (except deliver).

As you work with RocketTheme do you know what their most popular template is? (minus any free ones). Could be a starting point to porting something over perhaps.

Well we have not plans to ‘port’ existing Gantry4-based templates to Grav. But what we do plan in the future is making a Gantry5 version for Grav to enable us to easily port our new G5 Joomla/WordPress themes to Grav.

It will certainly be an opportunity to access many 'Deliver" type themes with RocketTheme’s quality, top-notch support, and documentation.

I was sort of hoping for this response, because it means our plans are inline with what end-users actually want :slight_smile:

Yeah, Grav already has a diverse amount of plugins adding capability’s and it has templates doing a set thing but I believe once Grav has more complex and varied templates it would start to appeal to a different customer base (more non-techinal). As I think currently from being in Gitter and so forth Grav’s current client base is mainly developer/coder type people.

Any ideas when Gantry5 style templates will be available in Grav?

We intentionally are focusing on developer/coder types to start with. These are the kind of folks who can best help beta test and contribute to development. When we have the admin available and a solid 1.0 release, it will make sense to broaden the market we focus on.

Regarding availability, first step is to get G5 on WordPress, next step after that will be Grav. The good news is that we made it very cross platform from the start, and had early alpha releases running on both WordPress and Grav. We will just need to update the initial work done and get the admin’s polished up so they integrate seamlessly with each platform.

i think it is the easiest way for the most of people to have an ready-to-go theme. it has everything inside.
i started learning grav one month ago and for me the best way to learn is to start from scratch making an own theme which fits to my needs.

I love Deliver and I am “playing” with it offline, on my localhost. In December I bought Isotope from RT, but I cannot get it really in my style. The most important thing that keeps me away from Deliver to an online site is the smooth menu in Isotope. But it must be possible to export this in Deliver b/c Boxify also has exactly the same menu like Isotope. But how would I get this in Deliver? I am not really a pro with the YAML files :frowning: