Why doesn't Gantry 5 run as Multisite?

I have a gravstrap skeleton with Grav v1.3.1 as a multisite setting and it works fine.
Now I setup a Gantry 5 Helium 5.4.22 skeleton and a learn3 skeleton from github.
Both setups don’t run as multisite. I copied the right setup.php into both root setups
and moved user folders to sites/domain/.
The system is searching on user/… instead of user/sites/domain/…

Furthermor I have a Grav 1.4 latest setup with Gantry 5 and Quark and it fails. Now, I installed Antimatter and ist runs.

I can say:
Learn3, Gantry 5 and Quark doesn’t run as multisite for me.
Antimatter and Gravstrap works as described in the manual.

My problem is, that I would like to run a setup with Gantry 5 as a multisite.


Multisite is complicated :slight_smile: . That’s the main reason. Multisite for Grav already adds significant complexity that the Grav Admin plugin is not even fully multisite compatible. Gantry adds another level of complexity.

Oh, I had not suspected that. I thought it would be only a little bug :slight_smile:
So for all people who want to do the same thing as me, we can say that Grav with Gantry 5 is not running as multisite at the moment.
Thank you for this information.