Grav multisite

I’m having trouble getting Grav multisite working. I have Grav installed and running. I have created a setup.php file and saved it to my Grav root directory. The setup file contains the script for subdirectories. In my user folder I have created a sites folder and in sites, two site folders each containing config, pages, plugins and themes folders. What do I need to do now to configure these / access them? Going to doesn’t call anything apart from a 404 missing page. What am I missing?

I also struggle with the multisite setup. Like sdking I followed the instructions given in the documentation. I have the setup.php in place in the grav root folder. I’ve created a sites folder within user. I placed a copy of a working user folder in user/sites/and also a symlink to another folder with the needed content.

So it looks like this:

cd grav && ls

ls user/sites
symtest/ -> other/place/user/

There is an change that was made in the last RC release that breaks the current multisite implementation as documented. We have a fix in place that should address that for the next release.

Also we’re going to add some notes to the documentation that outlines multisite ‘works’ but it’s not complete yet. We need to make some decisions about how the CLI commands as well as the Grav admin should work with multisite. Currently these are quite untested with it.