Which version of GRAV runs on PHP 7.0.20?

I need to install GRAV on a server that only has the following:

PHP: 7.0.20
DB: MariaDB 10.1.24 (I know GRAV doesn’t need a database)
Perl: 5.24.1

The latest version of GRAV requires at least 7.1.3.

Which version of GRAV is the last that runs on PHP 7.0.20?

I am very thankful for any suggestions.

According the CHANGELOG.md of Grav, as of v1.6.0, PHP >= 1.7.3 is required.

I guess your only chance is the latest Grav 1.5.10 which could be found here.

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Thank you very much for your answer, and I’m sorry, I didn’t notice CHANGELOG.md, I could have checked it myself if I noticed.

Thanks again!

For future reference, if installing via Composer for example, Grav will satisfy the version-constraint you have set for the environment. For PHP 7.0.20, this resolves to v1.5.10.


Thank you for the information! I’ll make sure to remember that.

However, unfortunately, the server in question was a shared hosting server, and does not have access to Composer.

But thanks!