Where is the homepage in the Multilang skeleton

I’m an absolute Grav beginner and I installed the Multilang skeleton as CMS for my translation company. I could figure out where all the pages to edit are (ending with .md) except for the homepage. I’d like to edit in Notepad++ the ‘homepage’ (which seems to be called ‘blog’) and which might be a html or yaml file instead of an md file. I searched the tutorial under pages and multilingual, but nothing. Anyone any idea? The page can be found here: www.top-communica.com.


The folder blogis an alias for home as can be seen in the system configuration file and contains all the different language homepages.

Dear bleutzinn, thanks for your reply. I know that blog is an alias for home. I saw that too in the system.yaml. In that folder (user/pages/01.blog) there is NO file with the text from the home page in any language. Also I found out that the home page is a kind of shell, because when I reduced the languages in system.yaml, the languages were automatically reduced in the home page and when I added the folder 03.projects the link projects appeared automatically also in the right corner. I also changed the logo which was in the folder 02.about and you can see that my triangle logo is sort of “behind” a round window (which I’d like to change of course), but I just don’t find the home page (htm? html? yaml?) to edit or the files from which the home picks the text, image etc…

maybe templates/post-list.html.twig

I looked there already, but checked again. No text there, no links, just coding. Thanks anyway. If this doesn’t work, I’ll give up and try to tame the beast Drupal… sigh. I like the Grav concept, but this is something which turns users away.

post-list.html.twig is including partials/post-item.html.twig
so templates/partials/post-item.html.twig could be the file you are looking for.

Don’t turn away, really don’t :slight_smile:

Grav is fantastic in many aspects but it is more centered and suited for developers than it is for, say, Wordpress Administrators. The Admin plugin is great and I recommend installing that.

The problem you are facing is using an example website (the multilang skeleton) which uses a theme (cacti) on top of a CMS that you don’t know yet. That’s a lot in one go.
I suggest you take the time to install a clean Grav site and play with that for a while. Read the excellent Grav documentation, try out things (Twig, custom CSS, etc.). Then again go on with your multilang site.

Are you familiar with browser developers tools? They come in quite handy to find out what on a page is coming from where (to a certain extent). As an example inspecting your logo reveals the styling responsible for the undesired rounding effect (in style.css):

.profile #avatar {
	display: inline-block;
	width: 80px;
	height: 80px;
	border-radius: 50%;
	margin-bottom: 20px;

Then searching the template files shows at least one (I didn’t look for more) templa te in which id="avatar is used being the file profile.html.twig in templates / partials /.

Hi bleutzinn, thanks for your reply. I used to develop corporate websites twenty years ago only in html, when there was almost nothing else, but as it has never been my main activity I don’t consider myself a developer. I was looking for a simple no-nonsense, right out of the box CMS for my non-dynamic website, but it had to be multilingual, so the Multilang skeleton seemed just the right thing for me. I’d love to experiment with Grav, but I don’t have the time and as you write Grav is rather for developers (though not advertised as such. It says in the Multilang skeleton: just downlad, extract and go), I’ll have to look for another solution. If I had the time, I could also invest that in Drupal (I tried out Wordpress and hate it) as it is more out of the box than Grav apparently. I guess I’ll just search a ready-made website with my provider (the problem is that multilingual is very difficult to find). This being said I also know a bit of CSS and had already found the rounded logo issue. I read the excellent, but a bit badly structured and sometimes too technical Grav d ocumentation. And I also thought of installing the Admin plugin, but first of all the “excellent” documentation states “simply type bin/gpm index to see available plugins, then bin/gpm install pluginname to install it” but without writing where this should be typed (I’m clearly missing something here) and secondly I could also copy the plugins „form“, „login“, „admin“ and „email“ from GitHub and manually create my login in admin.yaml, but the plugin is a beta version and on the Admin plugin page I read “WARNING, WARNING, this is an important WARNING! Please understand this is a beta version, and we cannot 100% guarantee that this plugin will not mess up your data.” Which looks like a very serious warning to me. So, if I can solve the editing issue in Notepad++ or any other editor on my pc, why should I install a beta Admin plugin? Just because there is only one single page which I don’t find and would like to edit? I thought that maybe one of the (css) files is linking to a page of the skeleton developer on another server, which seems however unlikely. Sorry for this long post.

@dieterdoum the warning about the Admin plugin being in beta is in a very old blog post, pre-1.0. That should be removed from the page as it’s no longer the case. Use it as it’s now stable.

OK thanks for the info. I have now installed the Admin plugin and I’m in the Admin Panel. I’m still looking around, but at first sight no way to see where the home page is or where to edit the text of the homepage. All other pages are there. I’m getting desperate.

The homepage of the multilang skeleton is a page that simply displays the child pages, ie the blog items. The majority of this page is going to be coming from those child pages (ie, the titles). If you open up the ‘pages’ section of the admin, you will see a tree. Open the first item which is set to be the homepage (01.blog), and in there you will see the page that provides the homepage collection (translated), and in each subfolder, are the pages for each blog. You can see all this by simply poking around the folders too: https://github.com/getgrav/grav-skeleton-multilang-site/tree/develop/pages/01.blog

Thank you for your reply. Your information however is not correct. The 01.blog folder contains several md files, but these md files do not contain the text of the home/blog page. I found some in a yaml file and some in css files. As it would take me too long to find it all (also in Admin Panel I don’t see where the info comes from), I just deleted the blog folder in Admin Panel and replaced it by a home folder with home pages. It now looks better and better, although I still need to know in which css and yaml files I can adapt the page size, fonts, background color, background image, etc. (apparently not all in style.css), but I have good hope that I’ll find it. Enjoy your weekend.