Where exactly do the statistics in Admin come from?

Hey everybody,

can someone please explain how exactly Grav produces the statistics on the Admin dashboard? I thought that’s what the session was for, but when I disable that, I still get the statistics. (So what is that used for?)

I am asking because I need to know what to write in my GDPR statement… :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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I’m also interested to know this for the same reason. Did you figure it out?
Some of the websites I manage don’t actually need analytics or ads, so I disabled everything, hosted all the libraries and the fonts, so my websites are not setting any cookie, but I can still have the statistics on with no cookie, is that GDPR compliant or should I disable that too?

@Netzhexe, @filo91, I think the “popularity” numbers are GDPR save: They do not seem to contain any personal data that can be related to a user.

The data can be viewed in ‘/logs/popularity/*.json’

Moreover, the “popularity” can be switched on|off in the config of the Admin plugin:


  enabled: true|false

Thank you for telling us the location, I’ll look more into it. I know it can be switched off, but it’s a nice feature to have if it’s actually GDPR compliant.