Where can i set the author url?

Hi i was unable to figure out where i can set the website url of the author. I can set email but not website url. The default url of the author is always “getgrav.org” where can i change that?

Thanks in advance

@d3s1gn3r, Not sure what ‘author’ you are referencing. Do you mean the author of the site, a theme, skeleton, plugin, a page?

There is an ‘author’ defined in the config of the site (’/user/config/site.yaml’) , but it doesn’t provide a ‘website url’ field. only ‘name’ and ‘emai’.

The blueprint.yaml of a theme contains an author with name, email and website. It is part of the metadata of the theme and references the author/developer of the theme. It is not supposed to be edited except by the author of the theme.

Same as theme.

Same as theme.

There is no ‘author’ defined for pages, but can be defined as custom header in pages. See the docs on custom headers.

The theme you are using might provide these fields in their page blueprint. You might want to look that up in the docs/readme of the theme.

Thank you for taking the time to help me. As you already mentioned above it was theme issue.