Pinpress Author Description

Hello, I am using Pinpress and it seems in the item template, I have a module of Author Description. But I don’t know where to modify this one. At the moment I only have a grey banner instead of the description.
See end of the page of
Compared to the demo:

Any idea how to change this?

Thank you


These values are set in the article, while in expert mode with something like this

  logo: /yourimage.jpg
  name: Kar Ibu

You can also add this instead to your site.yaml, in order to have a default site-wide author as a default.

Related twig is here:

Thank you Paul,
It works well know.

Actually when I imported all my articles from Wordpress, it assigned an author (Same name) to all articles, but no description, etc… I guess the priority goes to the setting in the page first, then from the site.yaml.

All good