What are Flex Objects/Collections/Directories?

I can’t find anything about them in docs (except 3 mentions, but nothing specific). I found a few topics in this forum, but these are related to a very specific questions.

Is there any info in general what they are and how to use them with examples or something? :slight_smile:


The documentation for Flex is getting built, and will probably be ready by the time 1.7 reaches stable. Did you read the pages on Flex for version 1.7 of the docs?

Ah, it’s under Advanced. Still a bit to read before I get to that part :slight_smile: Thank you
But I guess docs search isn’t working well at all then

It appears clicking on Advanced search doesn’t keep the version selected. After I changed back to v1.7, then results appeared. Noticed it searched for 1.6 only in screenshot after posting it