Weirdly high memory usage

Hi everyone. After clearing the cache, memory usage on my site on home page peaks at 131mb (but only 7 mb after it is cached), but the weird thing is that it is pretty simple page. Grav only processes 6 images (each file max 1mb) and almost zero other content. Even when I delete each of these images memory usage after clearing the cache is still 131mb, even when the page is blank (wtf?).

On the same site other pages have normal memory usage after clearing cache (around 8mb).

How do you troubleshoot this? What could this be caused by? (maybe javascript? plugins? or something else) I’m running grav 1.1.5

You’re talking about PHP (server-side) memory usage, or browser memory usage (client-side)?

PHP - server-side

Ok then javascript is not involved in this process.

If normal pages are 8mb but the homepage is 131mb, it’s quite strange unless on that page you have lots of image processing, or maybe there are plugin activating only on that page? Try first removing the images, does that improve? Or try disabling some plugins one at a time.

I use only plugins that are in grav by default (with admin panel) and even when I disable all that can be disable and remove all image processing, the memory usage is exatly the same… I don’t get it. I tried downloading grav again and just importing the website into clean grav install, but it still has 131mb memory usage.

It has to be some kind of bug, because I created 8+ websites on grav (some with huge image processing) and never run out of memory.

This problem bothers me a lot, because its payed project.

How do you measure the memory used? If you post me your user/ folder zipped via Gitter, I can try it locally if it’s using that much memory for me too.

Thanks, I send you private message with my user folder… Only thing I did change is that I deleted my account from admin plugin, otherwise its the same…