Warning on site down - Any best practice?

One of my websites, online and stable for 2 month, went down today. It was a cache problem bringing a “Crikey!” error. Client called me…
I would like to be warned by email if such arrive again (server down or “Crikey!”).

What are the best practice you are using ?
Is it with Cpanel ? With services like pingdom.com / uptimerobot.com ? Within Grav ?

If an error page “Crikey!” happens, will it be considered as a site down situation ?

By the way, the error I got was this:

33 RocketTheme\Toolbox\File\PhpFile decode
34 Parse error*
342 ‘LANGUAGES’ => ‘Sprog’,
343 ‘SUPPORTED’ => ‘Understøttet’,
344 ‘SUPPORTED_HELP’ => 'Kommasepareret liste af sprogkoder på hver to
“syntax error, unexpected '‘Kommasepareret liste af sprog’ (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE)”

I just went in Terminal, deleted cache and all went back normal.
Is that a bug that I should report?
Seems to be linked to a Danish language da.yaml file of Grav Admin plugin.

Thank you.

Hi @red

We use Pingdom for that sort of thing - you can configure a site availability test to check for specific content so for example

‘Alert me when the site has page content of ‘Crikey’’
‘Alert me if the homepage does not contain ‘ACME Corp’’

It’s not cheap - but we use it across all of our projects - so worthwhile…


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Thank you @parkersweb for feedback. I’ll dig further on this.

I have the same error a few days ago when I was still developing the site on my local environment. It appeared on every pages including the admin panel.