Vagrant Box for Grav 1.7

I’ve been using Grav with Vagrant for years and have never had any issues. I’ve run into a littlebit of a hiccup with the release of Grav 1.7.

I’ve been using Vagrant because it’s incredibly simple. I found a preconfigured box called Scotchbox that works great! All I have to do is clone the repository and vagrant up and I have an almost instant development environment.

Scotchbox only has PHP7.2
I don’t know what an easy solution is. I guess the easiest thing would be to find an alternative preconfigured box.

I tried to just vagrant ssh and upgrade PHP to 7.4, but I’m running into errors when trying to add ppa:ondrej/php. I’ve looked for a solution, but have not found anything yet. I think I’m running into issue with my VM’s Ubuntu install is 17.10, but the guides assume other releases of Ubuntu.

My next step in trouble-shooting is to try to figure out how to update from Ubuntu 17.10 to a newer version (I’m not even sure that’s the issue).

Anyone have any tips? What local development environments do you use?

Any help is appreciated!

@adv, I don’t know Vagrant nor Scotchbox, but when looking at the repo of scotchbox, it seems to be dead.

Someone has created an alternative cognacbox which has upgraded dependencies.

Maybe it will work for you…

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Thanks for the pointer!